The Career Makeover™


The Career Makeover™

The Career Makeover

The Career Makeover – Overview

The world has changed.  Nowhere is this more true than in finding a new job.  Whether it’s your first job, next promotion or opportunity or if you are in between jobs, how to get jobs today has changed.  And in a huge way.  Résumés are different.  Applying for jobs has changed.  Interviewing and networking have also changed and so must your approach if you are going to have success in the modern, competitive job market of today.

The Career Makeover  is career training for the modern professional allowing you to repackage and re-market yourself by learning the key elements of getting ahead in today’s job market. Based upon the research and feedback of over 2,000 HR professionals, hiring managers and recruiters we’ll show you exactly how getting jobs and promotions are achieved in today’s world so you can get the job and career you deserve.

The Career Makeover – Sampling of What You’ll Learn:

How to finally create a modern-day résumé and cover letters that won’t be rejected by automated submission systems software that can also get you 10-30X more interviews;

How to you can effectively conquer the modern interview process and win over your audience every time;

The art of answering the most difficult interview questions;

What your LinkedIn profile MUST contain to get jobs coming to you;

6 tools to win over the room as you enter your interview

The 4 key strategies for effective professionalism that most people ignore;

The 3 genius ways successful job seekers use online job boards that you are NOT;

9 steps to negotiating higher salary and compensation packages without “playing hardball”;

Insights on effectively networking in the digital era to have opportunities coming to you consistently;

20 simple ways to access jobs that aren’t posted publicly and much, much more.

With The Career Makeover you get three core elements:

1.) 24/7 Access to over 50 online “go at your own pace” training sessions (6 hours total) covering what you must know today to get ahead in your career;

2.) New Rules of Employment Course Guide;

3.) 6 recommended graphic-designed, applicant tracking system compliant MS-Word résumé templates & cover letters.

Let’s take at what you get in detail:

OnDemand Access to Over 6 Hours of Online Training

Module 1:  The Interview Academy

Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4

Interview Preparation/Research skills

Preparing for your interview is the key to a successful one.  In this module of videos, you’ll learn:  The 12 Most important words to know to get what you want; What homework you MUST do before attending any interview; How to develop an interview strategy that plans for the unexpected; How to ask for and get interviews; How to leverage the power of summarization and much more.  6 videos in this session.

Interview Professionalism & Engagement

This module of videos cover: How to engage your interview audience; What to say and what not to say; How to leverage the power of summarization; How to dress in the modern world that has gone casual and much more.  6 videos in this session.

Interviewing Like a Pro

These videos go in detail to how to conduct, act and interact in the actual interview itself.  Topics covered include:  How to answer the most difficult interview questions; How to connect to your employer’s needs; How to end the interview on your terms; How to take control of every interview; The questions you should ask; How to effectively follow up and more.  6 videos in this session.

Negotiation Strategy & Tactics

In module gets into detail about modern day negotiation.  When to accept a job offer; How to negotiate better compensation, benefits and perks without looking ungrateful; how to know what you are truly worth in the job; how to handle couter offers or rebuttals and more.  6 videos in this session.

Sample video from this module:

YouTube: please specify correct url

Module 2:  The Networking Academy

Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4

Modern Networking

The world of networking has changed.  Long gone are attending cocktail parties to “work the room” hoping to exchange business cards.  Today, you are online and connections happen at the speed of light.  We’ll show you: The modern tools to network effectively; How to put the PRO in your Facebook profile; How to leverage Twitter and Facebook to deliver opportunities and companies to you; How to manage contacts; How to develop a networking plan and much more. 6 videos in this session.

Online Reputation Management

70% of all employers scope out job prospects online.  We’ll show you how to create a “brand” around yourself and position that online.  You’ll also learn about managing and measuring your online networking performance and personal reputation online.  Learn how you’re perceived online and how to be found by those 70% of employers that are looking for you and much more.  5 videos in this session.

Networking for Research

Research is the key to success in networking today.  With research, you can stand head and shoulders above any candidate.  Learn: How to find out all of the information you need BEFORE you approach a company, recruiter or hiring manager; Where the jobs are before they’re posted; How to locate companies that are looking to expand; How to develop your network of influence online with your peers and much more. 6 videos in this session.

Networking with anyone at any company

Everyone is on LinkedIn but more than 65% aren’t what recruiters and employers call “viable for consideration” because of how poorly they setup and utilize their profiles.  In this module, you’ll learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to your advantage, how to develop and nurture contacts at any company; how to build long-term relationships that will grow your career and more.  6 videos in this session.

Sample video from this module:

YouTube: please specify correct url

Module 3:  The Résumé Academy

Session 1Session 2

The Modern Résumé

The world of the résumé has changed.  Most résumés aren’t written to adapt.  In this module, you will learn how to write & develop the modern résumé for maximum visual appeal by hiring managers while being Automated Tracking System compliant.  6 Videos in this session.

Proper Wording & Phrasing + Cover Letter Strategies

This module covers how to actually write your resume for success.  Learn what words you need to use, how, where and when;  Understand what words and phrases are killers and “de-select” you from consideration; How to write cover letters and the strategies to employ with them and much more. 5 videos in this session.

Sample video from this module:

YouTube: please specify correct url


New Rules of Employment Course Guide

NRECoverFrontThe New Rules of Employment Training Course is the same book we utilize in our full and half day workshops.  With over 250 pages of insights, knowledge, tips, strategies and tactics, it is the modern day playbook for getting jobs today.

Our New Rules of Employment Training Course shows you the modern approaches to career management in a linear, straightforward way that compliments the online training modules to give you a complete perspective on all aspects of modern career management.

With the guide you will learn a slew of powerful and new career management tools and ideas.  The book covers all the bases from developing a career strategy roadmap to what exactly you should write in a follow-up email post interview.  Just a sampling of some of the key topics we cover in our course book include:


  • Dramatic new simplification: Replace heavy-lifting of spamming out your resume to anyone and everyone with precision techniques that tell you the exact company and person to target at each company for nearly ANY job you desire
  • A method that can increase your job pursuit efficiency by 30% to 60%, almost instantly
  • A maddening, yet extremely subtle mistake job applicants make in their approach and information, which kills their chances of an interview
  • A feedback loop that increases follow-up conversations after the meeting by 500%
  • A formula for nailing interviews each and every time.
  • The #1 Job Seeking improvement technique of all – period.
  • How to go to school on the smartest job applicants in the world – some of whom are right our of college but use the right techniques to find jobs and get jobs today (never underestimate how smart the “young people” might be!  They are your competition after all…)
  • How to make two small changes to your salary negotiation that can get you more salary without really trying
What You GetTable of Contents

And as the saying goes, you get this and much, much more.  It also goes without saying that all the screen shots, the procedures, the techniques, and the professional-level secrets we update every 60 days since writing.  We do that regularly so you’re getting the newest information as a Career Makeover customer!


What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module one

Part One: Your mindset must change

Part Two: You Must Track Key Data

Part Three: You’re only as good as your tools

Part Four: You must have a marketing plan

Part Five: If you need a resume, make it good

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module two

Part One: You have to get writing

Part Two: You’ll need to embrace Twitter

Part Three: Setting up Facebook for your career

Part Four: How to leverage Facebook to find jobs

Part Five: Additional tools for managing your brand

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module three:

Part One: You’re either LinkedIn or you’re linked out

Part Two:  Use the advanced LinkedIn techniques

Part Three:  You will need an agent

Part Four:  How to contact people & network today

Part Five:  How to properly use job boards today

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module four:

Part One:  How to interview.  Part I

Part Two:  How to interview.  Part II

Part Three:  How to follow-up correctly

Part Four:  How to negotiate.  Part I

Part Five:  How to negotiate.  Part II


6 Stunning Résumé Templates w/Cover Letters

resumeSample1Since it’s probably one of the most important documents you will ever create, we hand picked talented designers around the country and commissioned them to create custom Microsoft Word résumé templates and cover letters for your use that are both visually stunning and that are also compliant with the automated tracking systems that résumés are screened with at most companies today.

Armed with the knowledge from the video training modules where you learned what to write in a résumé, what not to write and how to format your résumé, you will be able to simply and successfully create a résumé that stands out and gets read.  With The Career Makeover training on résumé development, you will also learn how to develop a résumé strategy so that you can better position your skills, capabilities and “brand” better than any of your competitors!

An effective résumé combined with a smart résumé distribution strategy is what leads to interviews, promotions and next steps for your career!



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  • The New Rules of Employment Course Guide materials
  • Along with 6 of the most successful, professionally graphic-designed, tracking system compliant MS-Word résumé templates around with corresponding cover letters!

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