Resume Writing


Résumé Writing

Our goal is creating the greatest résumé of your career.  To do that, we create a résumé that address the three most important factors a résumé needs today:

Appealing to the people who are most important:  recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers through a resume that is attractive to see and read without hyperbole.

Being Applicant Tracking SystemsTechnology systems which employers use to automate and manage job openings across their enterprises and screen incoming résumés from job seekers-friendly since those automated systems are in use by 90% of employers today to effectively “weed out” applicants with résumés that do not appeal to their requirements.

Reviewed by hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters IN YOUR INDUSTRY to be sure it appeals for the right audience every time!

Not only do we focus on meeting those three requirements but also on the overall professional development of your personal “brand” that will give you an unrivaled advantage over your competition.

Pricing: $395

(professional, executive & academic);

Pricing: $195

(entry levelRecent graduates or for those with less than TWO years of work experience. only)

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Resume Writing


Résumé Critique

There are instances where you may like the résumé you have but aren’t sure about if the copy is compelling enough for recruiters and/or hiring managers to read it or you want to be sure of the keywords and phrasing used are friendly to the Applicant Tracking SystemsTechnology systems which employers use to automate and manage job openings across their enterprises and screen incoming résumés from job seekers.  There are in fact, words and phrases that you should NEVER use on a résumé that are being scanned by ATS software.  In these cases, our team of professionals in our critique practice can help polish your design, layout and copy to make the résumé you like into the best résumé of your career!

Pricing:  $145

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Reminder Service


Reminder Service

If you’re like most of us, once you’re fully employed you forget to keep your your résumé and LinkedIn profile updated with your growing responsibilities, achievements, responsibilities, awards and more.  Our FREE service reminds you every month by email to do exactly that.

We include what information you should update

When and in what fashion from a career standpoint.

We also provide with quarterly and bi-annual updates to get you ready for your next performance review.

All of this is a free service so be sure to sign up today!

Pricing:  FREE

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Professional Career Development


Private Career Coaching

Once you have a solid résumé and LinkedIn profile, many people need help with “what to do now?” when it comes to their career.  Our 3-month exclusive engagement with a our team of ex-recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers provide you with precisely what will be next for you.  You will receive:

A 6-month career action plan

The details on how, and with whom, you need to network with online

What to do & say in interviews and how to present yourself effectively

The roadmap, development and positioning of your name/brand online and how to manage it

Guidance for creating the online presence that employers are looking for when they conduct their background research on you prior to bringing you in for interviews or for job offers.

Pricing:  Starting at $3000 (executive); $1500 (entry level)



New Rules of Employment Book


New Rules of Employment Course Book

The New Rules of Employment is a one-of-a-kind product that teaches you the modern, effective strategies and techniques being used today to get a job.  This is the course book we use in our popular seminars for job seekers.  It’s based on actual research we conducted with over 5,000 successful job applicants and over 1,500 HR managers and recruiters that show you what really works in today’s tough job environment in order to get hired.   Learn all of the “new rules” in one shot at a fraction of the cost of a seminar.

Pricing:  $65

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LinkedIn Profile Design


LinkedIn Profile Design

Today, you’re LinkedIn profile is arguably as important as a résumé.  Is your profile effective for HR professionals, hiring managers and recruiters?  90% of the LinkedIn profiles we see are NOT.  Let’s us help you position yourself on LinkedIn to achieve maximum exposure and performance.  We can get employers coming to you with a great profile rather than you approaching them!

Pricing:  $125

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