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Think about the recruiter who receives 412 résumés for one manager position. The first thing he or she going to do is eliminate as many candidates as possible. If you don’t catch the reader’s attention instantly with powerful content, the right keywords, and a great visual presentation, you’ll miss that opportunity.

More importantly, if your résumé can’t pass the Applicant Tracking SystemsTechnology systems which employers use to automate and manage job openings across their enterprises and screen incoming résumés from job seekers filters that 90% of employers use to weed out résumés that don’t match key criteria: you’re finished before you started.

Anyone can “write résumés.” We use experts in your industry to craft & package your career.

This is what separates us from all other “résumé writers” and “résumé writing services” out there.  Not only will we create your résumé, but we will have a small group from our panel of experts, in YOUR INDUSTRY actually review your new résumé before you ever receive it.  This way, not only is the résumé well written, but it is also industry-focused.  Nobody else gives your résumé that level of professional development!  It’s the main reason that we aren’t the cheapest, but then again, we’re not trying to be.  We want to create the best résumé of your career.  Our goal is separate you from the competition by creating your résumé that gets you the job and career that you want, at compensation levels you deserve.  This requires quite a different strategy that simply “writing résumés.”

Here’s how it works

Having us craft your résumé utilizing our particular resume writing services is straightforward:

Click the “start my résumé” button below

Answer our background & objective questions online and upload your existing résumé 

That’s all there is to it.

We take it from there.

After we receive your information we assign the Project and our development team crafts the initial draft – packaging your career background/education/goals; removes  jargon, excessive hyperbole, non-helpful Application Tracking System phrasing, etc.

Your newly developed résumé draft is then actually run through various ATS systems like employers use for screening to be sure it is ATS compliant.

We then assign to our design team for layout and creative completion.

Final Review: You are sent a review and provide sign-off

That’s all there is to it.  The entire process if you have all of your background information and/or a previous résumé ready takes less time than to order a Starbucks coffee!

Here’s what you get:

The ultimate goal: your career, packaged and crafted in a résumé that performs like no other.

DELIVERABLE: 4-6 business days.  You get three versions:  MS-Word version, plain-text version and PDF version.


What recruiters, HR directors and recruiters say about our résumés:

“You guys consistently make the best résumés I see. They are well-written, have the punch and pop that I’m looking for and I know they’ve been pre-screened so our systems can scan them and get the core information about a candidate without errors and omissions.  I recommend your services all the time. Keep up the great work.”

Janet Everett, Sr Director, HR, Atlanta, GA

“Thanks for helping my clients with their résumé development.  I know your services are highly regarded in the HR circles and the candidates really benefit from a résumé  developed for modern times with both creativity and strategic use of keywords and phrases and not simply another stagnant document that shows a career chronology.”

David Cohn, external recruiter, MRI Network, Dallas, TX


$395 (professional, executive & academic); $195 (entry levelRecent graduates or for those with less than TWO years of work experience. only)

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