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Quick Overview

Never before has being out of work been so expensive or cost you more than it does right now. Never before have so many people been trying to get a job or climb to the top of the corporate ladder! Additionally: Most people still apply for jobs and approach the job search in the same way they did 15 years ago.  Millions of people are doing what you are probably doing. And millions still (and perhaps you) are getting the same results:

Nothing.  No call backs.  No interviews.  No job offers.

Even in the present job crunch, it is still possible to get employed quickly. There are job applicants that have the upper hand.  They get the interviews and offers.  They get the jobs they want at higher rates of pay.  They have the inside track on how to do this effectively.  Nevertheless, I can’t stress this enough: If you are going to prosper this year in this job market…. Prepare to change your approach.

If having a job is oxygen for your life (isn’t if for us all?), don’t you even think about doing “what you’ve done in the past” to get a job.  The competition is incredible.  And somebody is hungry to take what’s yours.  If you KNOW how to apply for jobs, using the modern techniques of today, you CAN succeed in your job search.  You can get the job you want at the pay you want.  But you have to know how.  That’s why my team of HR professionals and professional recruiters and I have created the New Rules of Employment

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Being in the know of where to find and get the 50-70% of the jobs available is NOT rocket science. It simply requires that you create a marketing and brand strategy to be found and known by the right people:  hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters. There’s a LOT of people looking for jobs that don’t know this. Outperforming the bottom 90% of job applicants out there is NOT as hard as it sounds. In fact it’s reduced to having a state-of-the art career strategy and a few advanced tactics in your employment bag of tricks.

A well-built career strategy  is harder to knock off than ever before.

Yes, you can use the ways of the past, but your results will continue to be the same or diminish over time. The reality is that you must adjust from the mindset of the past where it was “who you know” to the modern “who knows you”, and the New Rules of Employment reveals these adjustments to you.

The traditional way you send in resumes is dead.  So is networking as you’ve known it.  The modern approaches of today, using social media, your smartphone, networks and other web 2.0 tools are easy to understand, and what is used on the HR/hiring and recruiting side of the equation.  The New Rules of Employments book arms you with updated strategies, tactics and step-by-step techniques no traditional approach can replicate and most of your competitors will not deploy.

What’s In The New Rules of Employment Book?

We have created FOUR Employment Modules that fine-tune your game plan in the New Rules of Employment system. Due to the changes in the industry, it’s not so easy to understand all of the new issues addressing new graduates and employed professionals alike. Insider tools of the job/career industry trade that you need to know – without them you are behind the curve:  Which social media tools and online software work best for beginners, vs. systems for advanced career planners  The career “food chain” and what most applicants never consider regarding increasing their chances finding jobs available to them.  Multiple career positioning models using the right tools: Facebook; Online career management tools; Blog tools; LinkedIn tools; Online and Offline; Email tools; Contact management tools; What mobile apps to use. Each has PROS and each has CONS and we discuss them in detail.

Creating Awareness About YOU:

The most common reason why people fail to get noticed by employers, recruiters and HR hiring mangers – and how to change it.  Elements of the “job board” world – lies that most applicants fall for, and the signature of the “exclusive $100K job board” scams.  The right way to create awareness– totally counter-intuitive to 3/4ths of the population (and why you can make this work for you for the rest of your working career!)  The #1 habit you MUST form, which virtually guarantees success once you’ve understood your career supply and demand balance.  A true professional’s version of “Brand Awareness 101? – steps that are absolutely MANDATORY for every job applicant.

What about interviewing today.  Has that changed?

Yes.  And there is a LOT to learn here.  Corporate America has gotten really good at using interviews to weed out candidates.  In fact, we have recruiter colleagues that give courses to hiring managers on the “art of the interview” where the entire premise is to DE-select candidates.  We know.  We’re in the HR and recruiting business and we’ve attended then!  The sad fact is, often times, the best-qualified candidate on paper doesn’t typically get the position.  Our research bears this out: 72% of the time, the hired candidate met fewer than half of the job qualifications.  There are even courses HR professionals take about interview questions, “trick” and legitimate to see how job candidates handle them.  Lots of changes have been made in the psychology of interviews and typically, the interviewers have all the cards.  Well, no longer.

The good news is, there are MANY dimensions to the interview, many ways to successfully sell yourself and many ways to reverse the power of the interview that puts YOU in control.  It’s what the successful applicant knows today.

Our book provides you with all the tools you need to succeed in the job market today.

Well-known HR and recruiting experts such as Peter Walton, Stephanie Frost, Joshua Sharp and hosts of others have contributed to the book to present the most relevant and valuable insights. To ensure the quality of the book, the chapters have been reviewed by Scott Jurgus, Bryan Craig, Tim Kemper, Bruce Barnes and other active members of the HR and recruiting community. It wasn’t easy to bring together such a stellar line-up of experts, but a compromise wasn’t an option.

[quote style="1"]“I highly recommend this book to both the fresh graduate out of school and the experienced manager and executive. The various voices of different authors breathe fresh narrative air that carries diverse-and-deep career management, strategy, tactics and market knowledge along in a cohesive story about how to harness the chaos of our ever-evolving world into a career roadmap you can use to NOW. Consider the lessons in this book a whopping set of New Year resolutions.” 

David M.— Executive Recruiter, MRI Network [/quote]

Table of Contents:

When setting up the concept of the book, we worked hard to ensure a delicate balance between basic knowledge and the current state of the art job, resume, interviewing, networking and interpersonal straegy. Please note that changes to chapter titles are still possible.


What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module one

Part One: Your mindset must change

Part Two: You Must Track Key Data

Part Three: You’re only as good as your tools

Part Four: You must have a marketing plan

Part Five: If you need a resume, make it good

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module two

Part One: You have to get writing

Part Two: You’ll need to embrace Twitter

Part Three: Setting up Facebook for your career

Part Four: How to leverage Facebook to find jobs

Part Five: Additional tools for managing your brand

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module three:

Part One: You’re either LinkedIn or you’re linked out

Part Two:  Use the advanced LinkedIn techniques

Part Three:  You will need an agent

Part Four:  How to contact people & network today

Part Five:  How to properly use job boards today

What you’re going to learn, investigate or assess in module four:

Part One:  How to interview.  Part I

Part Two:  How to interview.  Part II

Part Three:  How to follow-up correctly

Part Four:  How to negotiate.  Part I

Part Five:  How to negotiate.  Part II

The New Rules of Employment Book Addendum:

Initially, we wanted to cover all popular career topics within the printed book, but because some chapters took more time to write and review than planned, we decided to release them in an addendum to the printed book. All buyers of the New Rules of Employment Book will get the Addendums for free.

Bonus #1:  The Best Job Tactics Leveraging Twitter.

Again, this was compiled from our panel of successful job seekers, HR managers and recruiters and it allows you to setup Twitter as a constant stream of new job opportunities and connections into key job personnel in an easy to implement and automated way.  (A $57 value)

Bonus #2:  The Top 20 Resources for Managing Your Reputation.

When prospective employers are searching for you, what do they find?  These tools will help you manage that so you are ONLY seen and found in the most positive way.  (A $40 value)

Bonus #3:  The Most Effective Facebook Pages for Jobs.

We’ve chronicled the most trafficked and effective Facebook pages in the world that help you find jobs.  Companies have jumped on Facebook for finding qualified candidates.  Our report gives you the absolute most effective and active Facebook recruitment pages in the world.  (A $38 value)

What Reviewers Say About The New Rules of Employment Book

The reviews have come in and some customers and advance reviewers to a moment to share their views in a non-committal way. The result is very clear: the book is worthwhile. Should you get it? Yes! Let’s see why:

“I got my hands on an early copy of The New Rules Book for career management. I’ll cut to the chase and just say this: It’s fantastic. You should own it. Really.”

— Christopher Martin, HR Professional, NYC

“The standard, the reference book for career management. I worked for a large company in the internal recruiting department for 18 months and the depth of knowledge provided by the experts in this book is extraordinary. It blew me away. This book provides a diplomatic, comprehensive guide to understanding “what works in job hunting”, delivered by people who have a real passion for career development training in our community.”

— Ben Huard, executive recruiter, Portland, OR

“I’ll cut to the chase for those deliberating a purchase: it’s well worth the cover price. The eBook edition is a steal! This book establishes a mindset of understanding and exploring the how to take your career from where it is to where you want it to be. It embraces the breadth of its domain and will set you on an exciting path.”

— Candace Burch, [former] job seeker, Denver, CO

Price:  $65  ORDER NOW


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